Registration IDCOMLH210A01
Course TitleSpanish and Spanish American Film Studies
DepartmentComparative Literature
InstructorGraciela Michelotti
Time And DaysTTh 2:30-4:00
Room LocationHall 007
Additional Course InfoHU III Limit:25
Cross-listed in Spanish
Prerequisite: SPAN 102, placement, or consent of the instructor.
Enrollment limited to 25 students.
Exploration of films in Spanish from both sides of the Atlantic. The course will discuss approximately one movie per class, from a variety of classic and more recent directors such as Luis Buñuel, Carlos Saura, Pedro Almodóvar, Lucrecia Martel among others. The class will focus on the cinematic discourse as well as the cultural and historic background of each film. The course will also provide advanced language training with particular emphasis in refining oral and writing skills.
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