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Course TitleChina's Environment
DepartmentEnvironmental Studies
Time And DaysT 7:10pm-10:00pm
Room LocationTH104
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Additional Course InfoClass Number: 1158
This seminar explores China’s environmental issues from a historical perspective. It begins by considering a range of analytical approaches , and then explores three general periods in China’s environmental changes, imperial times, Mao’s socialist experiments during the first thirty years of the People’s Republic, and the post-Mao reforms. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.
Haverford: Social Science (SO)
Open to 360 students only; This 360 cluster, comprised of courses in
philosophy, history (East Asian Studies), and economics, will look at
the many environmental problems and issues that beset our contemporary
world. We will explore the environment from the perspective of several
disciplines: philosophy (both "Western" and "Eastern"), economics,
history, politics, and natural science. Our readings, class
discussion, and student research will bring these different
disciplinary perspectives to bear on specific environmental questions.
Experts in the science, economics, and politics of these questions
will come to campus and visit the classes. The cluster will
concentrate particularly (but not exclusively) on the environmental
problems of China and study how China is dealing with them. Students
and faculty will travel to China (tentatively March 8-22) to
experience the environmental problems first hand and to meet with
leading experts on these issues, both researchers and officials.
Applications due November 6th:
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